drawing course: week 1

I have been wanting to do a drawing course for ages! I've tried to enrol a few time but kept leaving it too late and then missing out (as there were no places left), which was good in a way as I got to do the watercolour course! So I finally go my act together and enrolled myself into the Drawing Essentials course at Sydney Community College with Kassandra Bossell... hooray!

My first class was last Wednesday and it was great fun! It is a basics drawing course and there were quite a few people there with limited drawing skills! My drawing isn't that bad (I think!) but I felt like I needed to start from the beginning and refresh my skills and hopefully learn some new ones!

It was a great class, everyone is really friendly. The room is a big art studio and it was quite exciting setting up the easel and drawing equipment... love it!  After the orientation stuff was over we started our first exercise - getting us use to using the medium of willow charcoal on A2 paper.  We drew circles, mine were very wobbly! Next we drew spirals, varying our weight and pressure of the charcoal on the paper. I really like how that one turned out!

:: circles and spiral

In the next exercise, we drew/made marks on paper to all different sorts of music. It was great fun to just let loose on paper!

:: drawing to music

The next exercise was drawing two egg shapes and imagine the light shining down from the top right corner. The first egg we used graphite pencil 6B in cross hatching technique which I really liked doing and I think it turned out quite well.

:: graphite egg and charcoal egg/potato?

The second egg we used willow charcoal and compressed charcoal, then shaded with our finger - very messy stuff :) I'm not too happy with this effort! I think my egg looks a bit like a potato, so I think I will be re-doing it again... I like to get things right :)

She also got us to do scribbles with all our mediums graphite, charcoal, Conte pastel and pencils so we can see what we are working with over the next 8 weeks.

:: mediums we will be using

It was such a great class, I just can't wait for next week!!

note: apologies for my dark photos... there wasn't much light around when I was taking the photos!


  1. This drawing course must be really fun!!! I like your doodlings to music!
    I still haven't started on the exercises with the book Water Paper Paint. Maybe I'm just putting it off, cause I've been "traumatized" (he he) about watercolors...

  2. good on you for joining the class. Lookiing forward to seeing the great things that you will do :-)

  3. I love it! I think a drawing class is always so helpful because it makes you think about drawing in different ways. :)!

  4. I'm so inspired by all the classes you're taking. This sounds like so much fun!
    Ronnie xo

  5. How fun!! I would love to take a drawing class. I am the worst artist ever...I really like the egg exercise with imagining light shining down that is soo cool!

  6. These look like excellent exercises! I've been doing some exercises through "Drawing on the artist within" by Betty Edwards. Have you read it? I think it would be a great complement to your course :)

  7. Wow I would so love to take a course like that. How fun! I really like your spiral :)


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