my creative space: KCWC - day 4 & 5

I have finished the two pairs of "nowhere man pants" for my little man for KCWC! Woo hoo! It was great to make two at the same time, for some weird reason it didn't seem to take that much more time! I really love how the blue corduroy pants turned out! They will be great for winter!

nowhere man pants - corduroy front
:: nowhere man pants - corduroy front

nowhere man pants - corduroy back
:: nowhere man pants - corduroy back

But I'm not sure about the denim ones though...??? I think they look a bit stiff, a little bit daggy and quite 70's!

nowhere man pants - denim front
:: nowhere man pants - denim front

nowhere man pants - denim back
:: nowhere man pants - denim back

I think they will look much better once they have been bashed up a bit and totally worn out! Which shouldn't be too much of a problem with a very energetic three year old :)

It's a great little pattern... you can get it here at Shwin Designs! I have altered my pattern slightly so the legs were more straight leg than flared at the bottom. I can't wait to make some more... just need to find some more cool fabric!

Hope you are having a great creative week!
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  1. They're not daggy - love the retro look!

  2. Isn't it amazing how just a change in the fabric can change the oer-all look of a garment? I like the denim ones, by the way. I guess we are used to seeing denim more fitted these days.

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting my little world :) I really like the denim ones before i read and just scrolled I was like how awesome are they, I love the pocket detail awesome. xx

  4. It really is a totally different look! I'd say, if the denim holds up at the knees, who cares how it looks?! (Can you tell I've been patching knees constantly lately?!) I think a run through the washer to get rid of the stiffness will help immensely (or a roll around in the grass, if your boy is like mine), but that's true of all new denim, not just hand sewn. And your top stitching is just fine! No more stressing. :-)

  5. Great work! You have been so productive with making these two. I'm completely impressed!

  6. They are definitely not daggy. Love them! Your little guy is so lucky to have such a talented mum, Lamina.
    Ronnie xo

  7. Love your pants. I think I should be making more for my boy... since he loves his homemade pants the best ;)


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