KCWC - day 3

I managed to get the back pockets done today for the "nowhere man pants" for KCWC on a busy Anzac day!  I'm always a bit scared of doing pockets as it involves straight, even and precise top stitching! Yikes! I decided to use the reverse side of the fabric for the denim pockets. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out!

:: denim nowhere pants - back pockets

But it was quite a challenge doing the chunky cord pockets but I think it turned out ok - after a few frustrating unpicking sessions with those pockets... grrrr!

:: corduroy nowhere pants - back pockets

It's funny that the decorative things always take the longest and my little man will probably never use these pockets! Oh well! Anyway I am really happy with how the pockets look! :)

Next... sew up the legs and crotch, put the waistband on and hem the legs.. nearly finished! Woo Hoo!


  1. They are look fabulous Lamina! I've nearly finished my first pair of these pants for Levi - just got the waistband and leg hems to go. My pockets aren't anywhere near as fancy as yours, though x

  2. Looking good Lamina. I know what you mean about spending time on the details, it's challenging and time consuming but really makes a difference to the final appearance. I'm thinking I might wait to try the nowhere man pants, I'm in the mood to (try to) get lots of pieces made but I'd want to go slowly on my first pair. Hmm, decisions decisions :-)


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