KCWC - kids clothing week challenge

I am participating in the kids clothing week challenge - KCWC over at elsie marley. The challenge is to sew one hour every day for seven days and hopefully by the end of that seven days you will have made some great kids clothes! Such a great challenge and it's not to late to join in!

With winter approaching, it's time for me to get sewing and make some things for my little man! I am hoping to make two pairs of "nowhere man pants", the same as the ones I made last week. I have cut the fabric out - ready to go, one in a beautiful blue corduroy and another in denim. You can never too many pants for winter as little boys are pretty good at getting dirty very easily!

Well I better get my sewing machine out and get going!
Happy Monday :)


  1. Good luck! I am solo parenting again this week. Not at all a good time to join any extra challenges. :-)

  2. I'm joining in with this challenge too, for the first time! Hope I can get some things made :-P..Oh, and I went and bought the 'nowhere man' pants pattern just the other day (you inspired me!) - can't wait to cut some out for my littlest man. Have fun! Can't wait to see what you make xx

  3. That trousers look great, such a nice pattern. Have fun with KCWC sucha a great way to get some sewing done ;-)

  4. Hooray for KCWC! Glad you're doing it too Lamina :-) Now I just need to get time to blog my efforts - always the hardest thing. Can't wait to see your denim nowhere mans.


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