KCWC - day 1 and 2

KCWC - day 1
I am making the two pairs of "nowhere man pants" at the same time and I managed to get a few hours sewing time on Monday as it was a wet day here in Sydney! I would have happily kept on sewing but I hit a dead end... ran out of the steel grey blue cotton thread I was using... aarghhh! I thought I would have enough but didn't take into consideration all the top stitching I would be doing! So I had to put my tools down :(

KCWC - day 2
No sewing today... just me, making a mad dash off to Spotlight (fabric shop, one I hadn't been to before) for more cotton thread and nearly freaked out when they didn't have the steel grey blue thread I wanted, only to realise after 10 min of umming and ahhhing over the next best colour, that there was another section in the shop that had ALL the colours... phew! I am VERY relieved!

I am so please with my efforts so far... I've finished the pockets and the side seams, and also completed the top stitching on those bits too which I'm really happy about! It's not easy to do top stitching on chunky corduroy!

:: blue corduroy pants - pockets and sides sewn up

:: denim pants - pockets and sides sewn up

:: denim pants - top stitching :)

I was going to do a contrasting colour top stitch on the denim but I totally chickened out... I'm not that confident with my top stitching just yet!

Can't wait to get back to sewing tomorrow!

Hope your KCWC is going well so far :)


  1. They look great so far! Your little man is going to have a funky winter wardrobe. :)

  2. Lucky boy! Loved the groovy green ones, can't wait to see these finished. Hope you navigated the unknown Spotty OK - brave woman! : )

  3. Very inspiring, Lamina! Look forward to the finished product.
    Ronnie xo


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