KCWC - day 6

This morning I had a few precious hours to myself while my little man was hanging out with his grandma and pop. So I got to work and did some more sewing for KCWC!

I wanted to fix up a sweat top he's had in the cupboard for ages.

I really don't like the design on this top (for obvious reasons he has never worn it)! I thought it would be such a waste not to do something with it!

So I decided to use an old top with a great graphic which I really love, cut it out and sew it onto the sweat top. He's worn this top to absolute death but it's getting way too small for him now and was fast becoming a mid drift top!

And Voila... a new, cute little sweat top which will get loads of wear this winter!

I'm so happy I could reuse the graphic from the old, much loved top though I did have a hard time taking the scissors to it, but I'm really happy I did :)

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!


  1. Great solution, and a great way to extend the life of both items!

  2. The top definately has way more character now, great idea!


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