my creative space: snowflake stamp

Yikes.. a bit late with my creative space this week! I have no idea where this week has gone...? I have been a busy little bee, carving snowflake stamps and stamping Christmas cards!

:: carving snowflake stamp

:: carved and ready for stamping
:: he had fun stamping some Christmas cards :)

:: I did some stamping too...

I also used my snowflake stamp for making Christmas ornaments for the handmade ornament swap hosted by Christina Lowry Designs! I used some air dry clay, inked up the stamp and pressed it into the clay, then used a cup to cut out the circle around the snowflake and voila!! LOVE it!

:: ornaments drying on very attractive sponges

I really love the rusticness (is that a word) of the stamp too! What a useful little stamp! Now... what else can I stamp :)

Hope you are having a great creative week!
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  1. These look great and with such dedicated helper, I'm sure the cards will look wonderful :-) I wonder what snowflake tshirts would look like???? Doris

  2. Those decorations are gorgeous, what a great idea.

  3. they are great! clever stamp. i've been playing with air-dry clay this afternoon too. christmas craft rocks.

  4. These are gorgeous, i love snowflakes, and the grey and green-blue together x

  5. Great design Lamina! I think they're going to be treasured :) Kx

  6. These are a lovely idea and such a great thing to do for Christmas. xx

  7. How gorgeous! I've never thought to make my own stamps. I certainly want to make my own cards and gifts this year, though.

    <3 Melissa

  8. Oh, well, now, I am going to have to copy you on all counts. I haven't carved a stamp in ages, and I just love to do it. I, too, really enjoy the "rustic-ness." (I really prefer imperfect stamps with small blemishes. Is that weird?)

    I am thinking I can stamp wrapping paper. And every year I make ornaments for friends--this idea is so wonderful I think I might know what I'm making this year! :)

  9. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments :)

  10. Brilliant idea for a handmade ornament! They look lovely!

  11. Really lovely. Would look lovely on any tree, and I love the colours you used.

  12. The cards look beautiful Lamina - well done!
    Ronnie xo


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