abcd and instagram meet up

I went along to the abcd and Sydney Instagram meet-up on Saturday afternoon which was organised by the lovely ladies - Steph from Bondville and Lisa from the red thread! It was so lovely to meet up with lots of creative people and talk about all things creative and instagram! So interesting and very inspiring! We all brought a plate of something delicious to share. It was the most amazing table of yummy things!

I made some very yummy lemon thumbprint biscuits. They were really quite easy to make! I used the recipe from here and the lemon curd recipe form here.

:: Lemon thumbprint biscuits

It was the first time I had made these... a little bit risky but I was lucky it all turned out wonderfully and everyone loved them! Though I wish I had made them in the morning... it was complete chaos in the kitchen in the afternoon! My partner ended up washing ALL dishes while I ran around like a chook trying to get out the door on time! Love him!

We got to take a huge plate of yummy treats home which I knew my partner and little man would be very grateful for!

:: before the attack  - apologies for bad photo I didn't have much
 time before the plate was attacked :)

I was right... it didn't take long for the plate to be attacked and to look like this! There were some very full and happy tummies :)

:: aftermath :)
My partner thought it was well worth all the chaos and dishwashing in the kitchen earlier! He thinks I should go to these meet-ups more often! :)

There are more amazing images of the meet-up on instagram - #abcdmeetup #sydneyinstameet

Hope you had a great weekend too! :)


  1. Wowsers! Yummo! YOu had me at Lemon Curd!!!

  2. That table looks many yummy things! xx

  3. Was soooo lovely to see you again Lamina - will have to have a proper chat at the next one. Your Lemon thumbprint biscuits were the bomb.

  4. I'm glad there were a few morsels left for poor a Grandma by the time I got over there - next time please let me know when you're on your way home and I'll meet you at the gate! ;) Those creative gals know their way around a kitchen too - everything I tasted was so yummy - including your lemon beauties!

  5. so great to see you and loved those biscuits!

  6. So lovely to meet you too! Thank so much for sharing your recipe, will definitely give it a go!!

  7. That looks like it would have been so much fun! And those lemon biscuits look delicious - must give them a go!
    x Sannah


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