my creative space: instagram busy week

It's been a very busy week leading up to Christmas, so I thought I would show my creative week in pictures from my favourite place to hang out at the moment... instagram... I just love it!

I'm terrible addicted to instagram and I love seeing what everyone gets up to everyday! It's just so interesting... I'm @doabit  :)
Hope you are having a great creative week!
There are lots of creative people over at my creative space...


  1. I love instagram too, and I love your production shots. Looks like a busy week indeed! Sorry to hear about the print mishap! :)

  2. hmm thinking im going to have to check out Instagram..loving all your production shots.
    hugs xo

  3. Love instagram and wow u have been busy;) - Penny, Clone Designs.

  4. what a busy week, those ornaments are beautiful.

  5. Truly, I love the printing mishap the best. It's such a great shot, and I love the "roughness" of the print!

  6. I shall never tire of saying it - that cat print of yours is just AWESOME.
    Ronnie xo
    (And oh my goodness, I am on your blogroll! I am tickled pink...)

  7. I received my pretty ornaments made by you and I love them.
    I have been admiring them on your blog and how lucky to be gifted them. Thank you.


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