my creative space: kitty mitt

I finally got around to making my kitty oven mitt that I have been wanting to make for ages! I managed to squish the sewing in between sewing cushions and pouches! It was actually a really quick little project to do! I used some mis-screen printed cats fabric! I quite like the very rustic screen printed look!

I used the oven mitt template from sew4home which you can find under "Getting Started" No. 2. To be honest, I didn't follow any of the instructions as it all seem pretty straight forward to me so I just winged it! Luckily it all turned out fine!

:: apologies for the instagram photo I forgot to take one with a real camera!

It was also my first time quilting and I winged that to! I quite enjoyed doing the quilting bit which I think ended up looking excellent!

I am so happy with my new kitty oven mitt :)

Grey cats ginger oven mitt
:: my new kitty oven mitt

But I'm having a bit of a problem using it... it's just too pretty to mess up! :)

Hope you are having a great creative week!
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  1. It looks great, I'd be afraid of using it too, it's too pretty to get greasy marks on it. Maybe you should make a dark brown one and hide it in the cupboard to actually use while this little beauty gets to hang out in public looking cute :)

  2. That is one gorgeous oven mitt! And very cute fabric too.

  3. The prettiest oven mit I have seen.
    Good job with the quilting too.

  4. I wouldn't want to use it either if I owned that Lamina!
    Looks soooo pretty.
    Ronnie xo

  5. I agree, definitely the prettiest oven mitt I've seen too - well done! I adore the cat fabric :-)

  6. It turned out great! You simply have to make two: one for using and one for displaying. :)

  7. It's fantastic! I've had an oven mitt on my to do list for ages now... I really should stop procrastinating about making one! I'm a huge fan of winging it too ;-)

    1. PS... consider my your newest follower! Found you via my creative spaces ;-)

  8. Looks so great & loving you on Instagram, so glad i finally joined up, love Posie

  9. A gorgeous oven mit! Fantastic. Go on... use it. Life's too short.

  10. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments! I have now used my kitty mitt :)

  11. Lovely, love the kitty print. Glad to find your blog and shop via Catsparella!
    (Theresa, borrowing her pup's acct..!)

  12. I wouldn't want to get it dirty either! It would make a lovely decorative oven mitt that you leave out in the kitchen just 'cause it's so pretty!
    xoxo Lauren


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