my creative space: birthday cake... the disaster and the celebration

My little man turned 3 years old on the weekend... Woo Hoo!! It's been a very busy few weeks in the lead up to his birthday party which was on Saturday... a lot to organise... phew! My little man and I had heaps of fun making chocolate crackles, honey joys, apricot balls and of course, the birthday cake!

Oh my goodness....where do I start with the birthday cake... what a disaster... Arghhh! I had grand plans for making a dinosaur birthday cake like this one here! It all started off really well, until it came to icing the sides of the cake! Oh dear.... my poor little dinosaur cake was a such crumbly mess, that the icing just wouldn't stick to it! If only I had read the instructions thoroughly, I would have known that I had to freeze the cakes before cutting them into the shapes needed! I was a little bit sad/devastated but I had to laugh... it was quite funny... my poor little cake... oh dear!

:: my poor dinosaur cake disaster!

:: icing disaster!!! :(

After I had given in to the fact it was an unfixable disaster, I made another cake on that Friday afternoon... while in the middle of doing everything else too!! Lucky for me I already had a "Plan B" cake in my head! I successfully iced and decorated it on Friday night... Yay "Dinosaurs on a grassy hill" :)

:: dinosaurs on a grassy hill

:: dinosaurs on a grassy hill

 I am so pleased with how it turned out, and with no icing disaster! My little man loved his dinosaur cake so much, he got a little cross when he couldn't have the dinosaurs from the cake right away... so cute!

:: I want those dinosaurs... NOW! :)

My little man had the best time with all his little friends and favourite people at his party in the park, despite the pesky rain! We are really lucky that our park has a covered picnic area which is quite big so we could all keep out of the rain... not that the rain stopped any of the kids or adults from having fun :)

:: park + rain + bubbles + friends = fun!!!
(sorry no friends in photos - respecting their privacy)

:: Happy birthday my beautiful little man xxx

Hope you are having a great creative week!
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  1. Aw! Happy birthday to your cute, little son! :) I'm sure he was happy, even with a little transformed dinosaur :D The cake looks delicious by the way! It's all too long I've experienced these kind of children's birthday parties, since I don't have any family. It looks like such a joy!

  2. I meant to say don't have ANY in my family :P

  3. Oh you're fantastic!!!!!!!! I love the way it came out! Much better than the first plan to my opinion! Seriously, that's the best idea ever!
    Happy Happy Birthday to your little man!!! Big dinosaur kiss to him! xx

  4. I do not have ANY cake-decorating talent, but I figure that's more than okay, since I have so many other talents. :) I definitely rely on tricks such as putting figures on the cake (which is what I did for a knight-themed party once, there was a whole battle with knights and a dragon on that cake!) or decorating with sprinkles or--if you're not a must-have-frosting family, using stencils to shake powdered sugar designs onto cupcakes. My kids are never disappointed. I mean really, there's cake either way!! I like your grassy dinosaur cake quite a bit~way to make a save, mom. :)

  5. I didn't know the trick of freezing the cake...makes sense though :-) your back up plan, it looks super yummy, and your little man looks like he had a fab birthday.

  6. What a cutie! Great save with the cake. My cousin is a talented cake decorator, so I leave it to the professionals myself. :) Happy birthday, Mr. 3!

  7. Hooray for back up cakes! It looks fantastic. Happy birthday little man! Did he get to eat both cakes? :)

  8. I think your second cake is awesome- it looks better than the original one anyway! It also looks like the birthday boy loved it too!

  9. that's a fantastic cake, great back up plan! Happy birthday to your little boy! my nephew was more interested in the dinosaurs on his cake too at first but then we cut the cake and well who can resist chocolate :-)

  10. Gotta love a dinosaur cake - both of them, well done!

    Happy Birthday to your BIG little man!

  11. Absolutely a genius you are, lady!

    I love it!!!!

    Ronnie xo

  12. what a great cake! I think I might want one like this for my next birthday! ^^


    Shiny Bubbles

  13. I should declare that I am a biased commenter having been the recipient of the head and neck of the 'disaster' dinosaur (which was VERY yummy) but I have to say I think as it turned out the Plan B cake is probably more imaginative actually, all those dinos chomping on long, lush, juicy grass - you've created a wonderful little dino world on there - even the meat-eaters have gone vego! (Unless they're just kidding and are really eyeing up the veg dinos waiting to pounce for a pound of flesh!)

    1. Too funny... ha ha ha!! I didn't want any blood shed on the cake so the meat eaters had to go vegetarian for the day :)

  14. Hats off to you! You got straight back on the horse (dinosaur). Looks brilliant! - especially love the sprinkles in the 'grass' - so cute! Happy Birthday to the 'big' boy. : )


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