lost - broken - won - very excited

I have been having a pretty rough week... but there was some bright light at the end of the tunnel!

I lost my sunglasses and then my little man broke my back up pair of sunglasses too!!!

:: that's right... no sunglasses on the side table!!!

My favourite havaianas(flip flops) broke, while my little man was trying to wrestle me to the ground! Then the buckle strap broke on my brand new sandals! I am very glad these incidences happened at home... phew :)

:: broken!!!

And on top of that...  I've had a nasty migraine for the last 4 days which has turned me into a vampire... I can't go out during the day, which was probably a good thing because I had no shoes or sunglasses!!! :)

Not that I am complaining.. well maybe a little bit! But there is some bright light at the end of the tunnel!

I inherited this gorgeous little vintage patent red handbag from my mother in-law, which was originally owned by my partners grandma (dearest Nooni xxx)! I just love it!!!

:: love vintage bags!

And I won this amazing little giveaway from Dawn Tan - hand-made-love... I'm SO excited! I just love her watercolour prints and can't wait to hang them in my kitchen! Such a wonderful surprise after a couple of yucky days!

Giveaway Prize Pack
:: I won a giveaway Woo Hoo!!!
image source: hand-made-love

And... tonight I'm off to see one of my all time favourite bands... Duran Duran (at the Sydney Entertainment Centre) with a very dear friend...we saw them for the first time together, when we were screaming 16 year old teenages (quite a few years ago)! I just can't wait... it's going to be so much fun... Woo Hoo!!!

:: Duran Duran
- image source Sydney Entertainment Centre

I also got some new havaianas (flip flops) and some new sunglasses... because I cannot live with out these items!!

:: can't live with sunglasses and havaianas :)

So all is not so bad really :) Do you have weeks like this where things break, get lost or just go wrong!! It can be quite frustrating hey! I suppose it means I am safe from any of these sorts of mishaps for a while... at least I hope so :)

Hope you are all having a good week!


  1. Wow, what a sequence of events! I'm glad there was goodness at the end!

  2. Oh yes, I have weeks like that, usually when my husband is away. Appliances break, kids throw up on the rug, basements flood... My sunglasses are prescription. I'd be way upset if they got broken!!

    I love vintage bags too, and that one's a beauty!!!

  3. Completely forgot everything you said except for Duran Duran. We must be similar in age......I too was one of those screaming teenagers. Very envious!

  4. I've lost a pair of prescription sunnies and had a pair of my favourite glasses broken in the last year and I was so utterly bummed both times, so I know what a downer it is.
    I'm glad you got new ones! And new flip flops too!
    Ronnie xo

  5. aww, sorry to hear about all your broken sunglasses and shoes. glad you got some new ones! that red bag is just lovely! and enjoy your concert, i'm sure you'll have a blast!!

  6. The one good thing about sunnies and shoes breaking is that you have a valid excuse to go shopping for brand new (and possibly more expensive) ones! Hope you had a blast seeing Duran Duran!


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