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A few weeks ago I bought a bigger screen printing screen - 60cm x 50cm (my old ones are 40cm x 35cm), I have been itching to use it! Finally I got a chance this week... YAY! I wanted to redo a repeat pattern that I did 2 years ago when I did the screen printing course!

little pods - first repeat pattern 50cm x 50cm
:: dot drop- repeat pattern 45cm x 45cm
- eight repeats of each colour

It's a bit wonky but pretty good for my first attempt! I have always loved the design! So I got too it...

little pods - stencil cutting
:: dot drop - stencil cutting

little pods - screen printing - lime
:: dot drop - screen printing - lime

little pods - big screen in little sink
:: dot drop- washing up - big screen in little laundry sink

little pods - repeat pattern - lime and grey
:: dot drop - repeat pattern - lime and grey 40cm x 55cm
- two repeats of each colour
(sorry bad lighting for photo - no sun)

I love, love, love my new big screen! It's great that I can get more done, bigger prints, using bigger stencils! I'm really pleased with how my dot drops print turned out though it is a bit patchy in places - I don't actually mind that really! When I use a smaller screens, I normally hold the screen down with one hand and screen print with the other... I need to find a way to hold the large screen down so I can screen print with both hand so that the ink is distributed more evenly! Any ideas out there?

Also, a big screen does make everything a little bit more of a challenge in my little kitchen and tiny laundry when screen printing and washing up! It only "just" fit's on my kitchen bench and in the laundry sink, and I'm having fun trying to find a place to store the bigger stencils! I'm sure I will sort it all out eventually! It's still lots of fun!

Now.... what to make out of my new fabric... I am thinking some little pouches :)

Hope you are having a great creative week!
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  1. Oh I really like... 'Specially the green and grey.

  2. Looks brilliant Lamina!! Love the Charcoal and crimson combo. How exciting big screens and big plans I'm sure. : )

  3. Great print Lamina - very simple and graphic. I was wondering what you did about the holding issue. Maybe we need to have some workshops together so we can hold for each other!

  4. Oh, fantastic, Lamina! Have fun with that new big screen! When we finished our basement my #1 must-have was a utility sink--they don't come standard here--I thought it would be useful for washing handknits in too but turns out it's too much of a bother to scrub all the paint out of it beforehand, since I use the sink for all the artsy stuff way more often, so the sweaters are still getting washed in the bathroom sink. :) I love love love my utility sink though!!

  5. Ooh, how fantastic. I see cushions for sure! :)

  6. oh, love those colours together!!! great job with the large print too. about holding the screen... maybe if you could line it against the edge of the table you could use a clamp to hold it down?

  7. Oh, I love the dot drop patterns and the colors you used! Great graphic design!

  8. love the colours and the dot and stripe. Just fantastic.

  9. Very exciting--and oh my, cutting out all those bits! It looks great!

  10. Thank you every one for your lovely comments :)

  11. Very nice pattern, love the colours.
    Found via Creative Spaces.

  12. Love the pattern and colour combinations :)

  13. excellent! can imagine the space thing being tricky ~ wouldn't it be great to have a studio with a 10m table and lots of shelves!

  14. could you use a clamp to hold the screen down?

  15. Great design and excellent pics!


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