a little cushion makeover

I bought this really cute little dolls house furniture set for my sister's little girl, but I wasn't really loving the cushions that came with it! So I decided, in the midst of all the craziness last week, that I would give the cushions a makeover... Yes I am slightly insane! Not sure how I found the time but I did!

cushion makeover - before
:: cushion makeover - before

I prepared the fabric by soaking it in bubble jet set 2000, ironed the fabric onto freezer paper and then using my ink jet printer, printed my little designs onto it and then sewed them up into cushions... it was very easy!

cushion makeover - printing
:: cushion makeover - printing

cushion makeover - sewing
:: cushion makeover - sewing

Voila... new cute little cushions!!!

cushion makeover - after
:: cushion makeover - after :)

And when you turn the cushions over...

cushion makeover - after
:: cushion makeover - after

I had a lot of fun doing this little project. I used my own designs... did you notice the rainbow cloud, home sweet home and the cupcake designs? I printed different images on each side of the cushion so she can mix and match!  I'm so please with how they look, they are so cute and my sisters little girl absolutely loved them :)

Hope your having a great Wednesday!

ps. I have done a guest post over at make mine mini about these little cushions... thanks Norma :)


  1. They are cute! Much better than the cushions that came with the furniture.

  2. A great improvement - how about reproducing this post as a guest post on my blog?

  3. Those are really cute!!! I like the freezer paper idea. Will give that a try. Glad you had a nice Christmas #2. Cheers. LJ

  4. Definitely much cuter and unique than the original. I actually need to print something on to fabric so off to check the link.

  5. Oh my goodness. They're sooo cute! They look wonderful!

  6. Lamina they are just too cute and much better than the original :)
    You should consider opening up an online store.


  7. Oh, my gosh. OH MY GOSH!! These are so cute--anything in miniature is cute, but these could almost make me type "squee," if I were the type of person to do that (which I'm not). Much improved!!

    (And I thought perhaps you were thinking of an online store, when I saw the tags you made several posts back...)

  8. So cute! You're so talented and creative!!! How do you come with all those ideas??? (yes, I'm jealous!)

    I was away from my blog-list for so long and browsing here left me at awe! How much you have made lately and everything looks so good!!!! Well done you!!

    Thank you for the inspiration and the motivation Lamina and Merry Christmas my dear!!
    Wishing you a new year as creative as this one and more! Can't wait to see what you will create next! xxx

  9. Adorable! Your designs definitely trump the original items xx

  10. These are amazing. I love how humble you are like it's no big deal that you made your own fabric! Totally a big deal. I wish I had an ounce of your creativity and talent.

  11. Wow Lamina ... you put a lot of time and effort into those gorgeous little cushions. Miss Lenna does love them, she has them set up on the stairs and I'm not allow to move them, so I can't wait for her doll house to be ready on Sunday and the little furniture can move in.


  12. They're so sweet, and so clever of you to do a little refashioning!

  13. Haha! This are so absolutely super-cute, and I didn't notice them before now! It's quite astonishing how small you made these :D


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