gingerbread men gift

I'm having a lovely relaxing (sort of) few days before xmas... still a few things to do but there is no panicking going on here.... just yet :) I was a very happy chappy when I opened the mail yesterday and found these very cute little gingermen that the lovely Sian, from sian lile makes, handmade and sent to me.. I'm such a lucky duck :)

:: gingerbread men by sian lile makes

I just love them and so does my little man, he played with them for ages and now they are hanging out in our crazy christmas tree! Thank you so much Sian xxx

:: our christmas tree

I know our christmas tree does look a little crazy... decorating with a 2.5 year old can be lots of fun with some very funny/interesting results.. ha ha ha love it :)


  1. They really are very cute, and such a nice idea.

  2. it's so sweet that my gingerbread men have travelled all over the world!!x

  3. Haha - our Christmas tree is doing well to be upright. Love those hand-made decorations. I think every tree could do with some.

  4. Very cute, and I love kid-decorated trees! :)


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