softies and tea bag dying

I really need to get on with my next project kris kringle swap... time is getting away from me and I hate leaving things to the last minute! I couldn't believe my luck when I saw this book sitting on the shelf at the library....hop skip jump by Fiona Dalton! It is such a gorgeous little book, with loads of softies to make, patterns and really easy construction instructions! :)

hop skip jump softies book

For the swap I'm going to make the sweet little "bird in the hand" and do some screen printing for it too!

bird in hand
:: bird in the hand

I needed to get some linen for this project but I haven't been able to find exactly what I'm looking for... but I remembered I had some heavy-ish white cotton from Ikea in my stash and thought it would be perfect if only it was more off white... then in a light bulb moment in my head... tea bag dying!  I have never done it before but thought it can't be that hard! I looked it up in the Internet and it's actually super easy!

A couple of tea bags in a pot of boiled water and let it steep for a bit and then take tea bags out. Soak the fabric in water before putting into the tea dye pot. Stir the fabric around for a few minutes or longer - depending on how dark you want it. Rinse in cold water and voila!  Apparently different teas will give you slightly different colours too! Too easy... Love it!

tea bag dying
:: big pot of brown tea and fabric

I dyed a couple of test pieces first just to check the colour!

tea bag dying
:: original colour on the right

I am so happy with the result, it is exactly what I wanted! Now I don't have to go traipsing around the shops! Hooray! You can't really see much of a difference but it is quite a bit more off white!  I can't wait to do some screen printing on it now!

tea bag dying fabric
:: the finished piece of fabric - original colour on the right

Hope you are having a great weekend... I'm off to do a spot of screen printing :)


  1. That tea bag dying looks great - looking forward to seeing your new prints! Have a great weekend, Lamina.
    Ronnie xo

  2. How cool is that!! I've mentally filed the tea bag dying for later ;-) And sometimes that little library of ours turns out little gems for sure!

  3. So many gorgeous things to catch up on over here - you've been sooo busy!! I love all your screenprinted fat quarters, particularly the geometric flower one. Is there perhaps an Etsy shop in your future (she says hopefully) x


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