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Sometimes things just go wrong but it can all works out in the end! I really loved the grey and red chevron fat quarter I screen printed for the fabric swap but when I went to iron it to set the fabric ink, some odd red ink marks appeared from the iron onto the fabric... arghhh!! I know you can't really see the marks that much but I can and me being a bit of a perfectionist, I just couldn't send it as it is! I was pretty frustrated.. grrrr!

:: bad marks!

So yesterday morning I got busy and made a new fat quarter of the bold red poppy-ish flowers that I created on the weekend on some white quilting cotton.

:: screen printing flowers

:: hand stamping flower centers

I hope the recipient will like it! I actually feel much happier sending her this as she does love bright red!

:: bold red flower on white quilting cotton

I do have plans for the good bits of the chevron piece.... Things do work out in the end!

Right onto the next projects - kris kringle swap and softies for mirabel! Yay I have lots of new fabric to play with too :)

Hope you are having a great creative week!
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  1. Oh no! Were you able to get the iron clean, though, so it doesn't happen again? I usually put an old, thin dishtowel over the ink when I'm ironing, and it's amazing how much can come off, depending on the color. And even with that, I've noticed my iron smells funny since I ironed that Green Lantern shirt for Halloween!!

    But I'm glad you get to keep some fabric for yourself!

  2. Amy - thanks...I normally do use a piece of fine cotton fabric to put on top when I'm ironing... but for some reason I didn't this time... I could kick myself! arghhh! Oh well live and learn :)

  3. I am totally in love with that red poppy fabric, it is very cool!!

  4. Aw, bummer about the oops. That sort of thing drives me nuts, too, even though I know most people won't notice it! I'm glad it all worked out, though.

  5. It's gorgeous i LOVE the poppies!

  6. lvoe the cheery poppies. i'm sure she will love i. so clever you.

  7. great that you can still use the top one. these designs are just so good :)

  8. the red flowers look brilliant. great thing to come out a bit of a hiccup!

  9. LOVE these flowers - really excellent design.


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