drawing course: week 8

Boo hoo hoo... it was the last week of my drawing course! It was such a great night, we all brought some food or wine and had a few breaks from drawing to enjoy a bit of a last day party! It's quite sad really, after 8 weeks you get to know these great people, then you'll probably will never see them again! It's been excellent to see how far others have come with their drawing skills from the beginning.. a few have really improved amazingly!

A few of us were feeling the pressure of the last night... wanting to draw really well! We were having a few problems relaxing, but it was a different story once we had a glass of wine :)

We started off with a few 1 minute drawing to warm up!

:: 1 minute sketches - charcoal on A2 paper

Next - 5 minute drawings and a portrait. I was a bit happier with these ones. Our model had really fantastic dreadlock hair tied up into a bun arrangement!

:: 5 minute sketches - charcoal on A2 paper

:: 5 minute portrait - charcoal on A2 paper

Next - we did some shadow drawing, where we drew/shaded the dark areas in the shadow. I really liked this exercise.

:: 5 minute sketch - charcoal on A2 paper

Then we moved onto 10 minute drawings and we had some more food and wine :)

:: 10 minute sketch - charcoal on A2 paper

:: 10 minute sketch - charcoal on A2 paper

:: 10 minute sketch - charcoal on A2 paper

:: 10 minute sketch - charcoal on A2 paper

I'm really happy with my last sketch of the evening! I'm not really good at drawing feet and hands in such a rush but I like my foot in this one :)

I have really enjoyed this drawing class so much and it was good to get back to basics, I felt that I learnt a lot! I would really love to do some more drawing or painting courses but I think the next thing I will be doing is photography! I really need to learn how to use my new camera... desperately!!

Hope you all are having a great Monday :)


  1. It's been really fun following along with the class with you!

  2. Yes, very elegant foot! It's great you've enjoyed the course so much, and your drawings look great. I look forward to reading about photography too.

  3. Nice! I love the way the hair came out, and yes, the foot is great!

  4. Boo that the course is over, but hooray that you've found so much inspiration in it! I love the 10-minute sketch.

    I really need to sign on for a drawing class. I've always been artistic but never strong in the sketching department. You've inspired me to branch out :)

  5. Your are skilled at various techniques of the human anatomy. Beautiful and impressive work.


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