my creative space: Father's Day screen print

Last week I was on a secret squirrel mission for Father's Day. I got my little man to make a card for Fathers Day, drawing with felt pens and some cutting and pasting paper on a card... very messy but lots of fun! I am really loved the abstract design and thought it would look fantastic on a T-shirt for his daddy!

:: Father's Day card by M

Wow what a little challenge I set myself!! I wanted it to look exactly like the card! It's quite a difficult one to do and 6 colours too! I was thinking "Am I totally insane???" "Yes" was the answer :)
I also had to hide it and keep it a secret from Chris/daddy... not an easy task when with a big piece of board with a partially screen printed t-shirt on it! I was praying that he would need to go looking for something under our bed!!

Anyway... once I had figured out the best way to do the screen print, I cut out the stencils for each colour! 

:: cutting stencils for each colour

It was all pretty straight forward really, the only tricky bit was making sure everything lined up perfectly! A lot of masking tape got used to set up all the registration marks so the screens line up! With each colour I screen printed, I would check it against the card and make minor adjustments with a fine paint brush to make it look exactly like it, with the brush strokes and torn edges of the paper on the card.

:: 1st - aqua and blue :: 2nd - yellow
:: 3rd - red :: 4th - orange and dark blue

I am so happy with how it turn out and M's daddy just loved it :)

:: masterpiece on a t-shirt

Sometimes I think someone (the fun police) is going to tap me on the shoulder and say "Excuse me you are not allowed to do that anymore, YOU are having way to much fun!" :)

Hope you are having a great creative week!
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  1. I love it! What a clever bod you are and how fabulous does it look?! Great idea :) Keep dodging those fun police! Kx

  2. I so love this one- I could see my hubs wearing that shirt and he is one picky dresser :)

  3. I never would have thought of transferring a child's drawing this way--well done!

  4. Wow, how did you do the blue bits, it looks so close to the original!

  5. Thank you everyone :)

    Susie/flowerpress - I'm glad you asked because I actually forgot to add in my post about cutting stencils for each colour!! Whoops! I have updated it now :)

  6. It turned out fabulously!! I freaked out at the idea of all those screens and colours when I heard about it and I didn't even have to do it so I'm not surprised you stressed a little ;) A wonderful collaborative piece of wearable art that daddy is sure to treasure way past the day the shirt wears out :)

  7. How fabulous! When I first looked, it made me think of camping - with the warm tones representing the warm tent and the cool ones all the surrounding foliage. Oooh you are clever!

  8. perfect!! it looks like a brilliant piece of modern art.

  9. how cool is that??!! M's dad will be thrilled and proud to wear it. You are amazing Lamina! :-) Doris

  10. What a clever, sweet idea! I so admire that you can print in multi-colours - that's something I haven't tried yet. Thanks for your help the other day too - you're a gem xx

  11. what a fabulous idea. I love the design, suits that t.shirt so well. i only just started to make t.shirts myself but the screenprinting is definitely something I'd love to indulge in one day! Nice work!

  12. WOW that was really labor intensive. Great job! Did daddy love it?


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