creativity... where are you???

It's all been a bit quiet around here.. creatively speaking! I am really missing having a structured creative class to go to each week :( I'm feeling a bit low/blue, a little unmotivated and it seems there are quite a few fellow bloggers out there feeling the same way! Must be something in the blog air! I suppose, one does need a little break every now and then! I'm really hoping the creativity will kick back in again soon :)

Though, I did manage to finish my watercolour landscape.. hooray!! There are a few things that I would like to change/redo... it's SO not perfect but I'm pretty happy with my first watercolour landscape attempt!

:: landscape - watercolour on A4 watercolour paper

:: the original landscape photo - image source Cuba Gallery

Hope you all are having a more creative week :)


  1. I really like the landscape. Well done!

    I've decided I need to stop thinking about *what* to do (where I often get stuck), and just do *something.* I still feel a bit angsty about it, but I'm also pleasantly surprised when I end up with something I like despite myself. :)

  2. There is so much I want to do and make, but no time, none at all. You'd think it would be easier when the kids go back to school, but it's not, it's harder, because the schedule exhausts me and because my daughter misses her brothers. (Don't get me wrong, I love spending this time with her--I'm just not doing any of the projects I'm dreaming of!) So it's more a case of frustrated creativity for me! But I wanted to say thank you, I bought the Heather Smith Jones watercolor book you mentioned so often. I can't wait to try some exercises from it... someday...!

  3. it's lovely!
    must be the change of season that's causing all the angst!!
    hope if changes gear again soon :)

  4. I think your watercolour is just lovely, and for a first go - fantastic! I've lost a bit of my mojo at the moment too, just trying to push myself to do a little bit each day to keep a finger in. Hope your motivation reappears soon xx

  5. You'r watercolor turned out lovely! And so accurate! It's peaceful to look at too.

    Add me to that number of unmotivated "creators" :) Maybe it's a phase in which we realize that fall is definitely creeping up on us...

  6. I think you've captured the atmosphere of "the place" perfectly!

    No need to wait for the next class, get on with the next painting. And then show us!



  7. I think that is gorgeous, though I can understand the perfectionist within us all. Hope you can take a bit of a break. I've really appreciated you reading my blog and the wonderful comments you've made. Means so much to me.
    Ronnie xo

  8. Love the name of your blog. I think it's a great motto, and so important to remember during those times when we're not feeling very creative. Well done on finishing your first watercolour landscape! It looks so pretty and peaceful.

  9. I love it! You do more creative things in a week than I do in a year ;D

    I understand the break though. I'm not sure what I'm doing with my blog. I keep coming and going and coming and going. I have all these things to write about but no motivation to do it. I keep finding myself back on the boring family update blog wishing it was something more substantial...and not really caring to overshare on my personal one. Hmprh!


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