watercolour course: week 6

This week we finished off the shadows on our traced outline of our still life drawing. Once we were happy with that, we then trace the basic drawing outline (no shadows) onto watercolour paper. I traced two, one as my practice (mess up) one... I think I will need it! Then we worked out the 5 glaze tones using one colour, I decided to use Burnt Sienna .. a nice change from blue! Water is used to achieve the different glaze tones. I thought this was going to take a while, but I did my first set and Kerry (tutor) said they were great! I was a little disappointed as I was really enjoying mixing the colours :) I did a wash of the lightest tone over the whole paper for the two drawings and then let them dry.

two washed, tracing and five glaze tones of  Burnt Sienna

That was all we had time for this week.. time just goes so fast! I can't wait to do the next wash... colour number 2! I will be doing some more painting during the week!

It was such a excellent class and it is great to have everyone at different levels (return students)  and getting to see what they are up to, very inspiring!  I was so happy to get back into the painting in the class again! Love it!


  1. I can really hear the excitement in your "voice" about your classes. You must be every teacher's dream student!

    I love burnt sienna - it's my favourite brown, and I use it to tint a lot of shadow and wet colours. Add just a hint of it to Antique White and ultramarine blue and you have wet sand colour where the wave has just receded. Add it to Alizarin Crimson and Ultramarine Blue for a beautiful purple hued all-purpose shadow colour.

    Can't wait to see your next lesson results!



  2. Ahh! So this is actually a way to learn shadowing... Wow, I've never done it this way! This was very helpful to me, thanks a lot for sharing!

  3. Ah fantastic! the course sounds wonderful and you sound to be loving it! your enthusiasm is infectious! keep up the wonderful work:)


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