watercolour course: week 7

Boo hoo...I feel a bit sad today, as last night was our last watercolour class! It was a really fun night, we all brought a plate of food and one of the blokes brought some wine... so we had a lovely evening of chatting, painting, eating, painting and enjoying a glass of wine!

We continued working on the still life and the colour mixing chart exercise. I still have a bit of work to do on both! My still life is coming along nicely, though I have made a few mistakes while doing my glaze no.4!! While mid-glazing, I was fixing a bit of a little mistake I had made and forgot to keep an eye on the rest of my work and ended up with watermark issues everywhere... hmmm! I am hoping when I do glaze no.5 it will cover them up! Fingers crossed!

Argghhh... watermarks!!!

I also did quite a bit of work on my colour charts... I love mixing colours!!

Watercolour mixing colour chart exercise

I really found it quite a challenge getting the greys right, especially in the cool colour chart... they turned out more green??? We weren't allowed to use black or white to get grey, they are totally banned from class, so it was a real challenge just using the primary red, blue and yellow! Kerry (Tutor) suggested that I haven't been using enough pigment in the washes! So I think I will be redoing these charts again with more colour pigment! I don't mind :)

A little someone just couldn't stay out of the picture :)

I have really enjoyed this class so much and it really opened my eyes to the world of watercolour and how varied it can be... it was just too much fun!! Quite a few of the students will be going back next term and I wish I could too (there is so much more to learn), but I will be moving on and doing a drawing class next term... I really need to learn the basics again!! Can't wait!


  1. Wow! This is a really excellent result, even with the water marks which I totally wouldn't have noticed without you saying it. Water marks are a big issue for me as well. Do you have a tip on how to avoid them? Love your color tones too :)

  2. Ok, it's official! You made me register to a watercolour course!!!! Whoohoo!! Can't wait (it starts mid July).
    You're works are so inspirational Lamina!!!

    P.S. I love your to do list on the side! you're so great in making things happen!

  3. Watermarks course!!! I must put that on my list too.

    Lamina, that really looks just amazing. Have you thought about how you might display your artwork?

    Ronnie xo

  4. Thank you all for you lovely comments :)

    Halina - It's a good idea to have you work on a angled slop so when you are doing a wash the paint pools slightly as you are doing the wash and you have to keep going and not stop like I did :)
    Here is the web address to a You Tube video to give you an idea: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pPwla7oAyU - he's a little boring!
    Hope it helps :)

    Galit - Yay!!! So happy for you! Hope you love it too! My sewing "to do" list has been neglected... must do some soon!

    Ronnie - you too kind!!! I don't think they are really good enough to display.. I will just put them in a skecth book to ponder over later :)

  5. Fascinating process to watch developing. I had no idea watercolours could be so much fun!

  6. sounds like a great course~ and your still life looks gorgeous. i really like the watermark in there!!
    hope the drawing class is just as much fun.

  7. it's so great when you find something you love doing. i don't get much of a chance to do it anymore but i also loved mixing colours.

  8. Love your colour chart and think it's definitely worth displaying. Something very pleasing about little blocks of colour all lined up.

  9. Hi Lamina - I've only been visiting your blog for a little while now, but do love it. I'm amazed at the variety of fun things you get up to. I want to nominate you for a versatile blogger award. It's kind of an appreciation award...check out my blog post http://sketchingafaceinthecrowd.blogspot.com/2011/06/versatile-blogger.html

  10. wow you are amazing I just would not have the patience to learn all about watercolour I would be pulling my hair out and I know I would have watermarks everywhere, you are a legend I reckon!!!

  11. Oh I love watercolors and your picture is beautiful!I like watermarks;) I think I like everything what is done by the heart;)



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