watercolour course: homework

There was no watercolour class this week as we had a public holiday here on Monday. We had a lovely long weekend, lots of family visits and fun; and I managed to do a bit of work on my watercolour still life and colour chart homework.

I used my traced still life drawing with shadows and shading numbers as a guide of where to paint the watercolour glaze shades.

I painted a watercolour glaze colour no.2 everywhere, except where colour no.1 needs to be - I painted the watercolour wash of colour no.1 on the whole page, last week.

After colour no.2 had completely dried, I painted a watercolour glaze of colour no. 3, everywhere except where colour no.1 and colour no.2 needs to be. It was quite tricky getting all the areas done quickly without letting the watercolour dry! I'm really glad I have two paintings, one to practice on... phew :)

It's really beginning to take shape and it's quite exciting to see it develop as the darker shades are added. I'm really happy with how it looks though it's not perfect... there are a few errors! I have two more shades to do, hopefully I will get them done by the end of the week.

I also managed to do a little bit of our watercolour chart homework. It is so interesting to see how the colours mix together! I love mixing colours, they just look gorgeous! I can't wait for next weeks class which is sadly the last one!


  1. interesting to see the process and love the colour charts. sometimes the charts end up looking like artworks in themselves.

  2. Can't wait to see your finished artwork lamina!

  3. hi there! thanks for coming by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. i'm totally on board your philosophy to try something each day. put in a bit of effort to be creative. i just moved to Melbourne about 9 months ago, and writing/photographing my cooking is my way to do a bit, as you say. looking forward to keeping up with your site!

  4. Oh wow - what an amazing difference the addition of the 3rd colour makes!

    Somehow I think they're going to see you back in class again because you're obviously enjoying it so much and making such progress.

  5. id love to do a watercolour class! Im tempted to do the Alisa Burke Watercolor Class ^_^



  6. This just looks excellent! A lot of precision has to be put down in order to paint beautiful watercolor paintings- I can see that from your example! (Thanks for your supporting comment on my blog, again) :)


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