made by hand: screen printing goodies

This week I went to a fantastic little get together "Sydney abcd Social" meet up at the 3 Weeds Hotel in Rozelle which is organised by lovely ladies, Steph from Bondville and Lisa from The Red Thread.

I had such a wonderful evening catching up with, and meeting other lovely creative women! It was so much fun talking and chatting about all things creative. We also got to contribute to the goodies bags, which everyone received at the end of the night! I decided to do some little fabric packs for everyone! So I got stuck into some screen printing... any excuse!!! :)

:: I just had to screen print some fuchsia seedlings!

:: folded up 28 little lovelies

:: packed them up!

I had so much fun screen printing, folding and packing up these very special little fabric packs for the goodies bags!

:: Oh My Gosh the gorgeous contents of the goodies bag!

The goodies bag is such a wonderful way for everyone to share what they do! I just love it! I was blown away with the contents of the goodies bag I received... soooo many lovely and creative things! It felt like Christmas! The delicious food treats didn't last long at all, they were very quickly gobbled up by my little boy and my partner. I have a terrible dairy allergy so I was happy to hand it all over to them! They were very happy chappies :)

It was such a lovely evening spent with so many talented, creative and inspiring women! :)

Hope you had a wonderful and creative week!

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  1. That is one impressive goodie bag. I love how everyone contributed to create such a lovely variety of treats. x

  2. Oh wow! It does look like a crafty Christmas in a goodie bag! I'm terribly lactose intolerant, I can even handle a bite of anything with dairy, so I feel your pain - especially as those treats look so very good. I'm sure everyone was equally as impressed with your beautiful handmade fabric. Love that photo of the stack of it. So many possibilities right there. :)

  3. Gorgeous Lamina! Wish I could've made it... xoxoxo

  4. That is a SERIOUS goodies bag. I'm jealous! :)

  5. I LOVE your printed fabrics. They look super cool all wrapped up like that. I REALLY want to have a go. And as everyone has said, that is one serious goodie bag!


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