Made by hand: lately I have been...

I'm linking up with Christina Lowry Designs "Made by Hand" weekly creative, show and tell! I need a little kick up the creative blogging butt :)

So lately I have been busy....

:: cutting 158 slightly rough (on purpose) rustic spots

:: screen printing my lovely rustic spots in fuchsia

::  I am slightly obsessed with fuchsia and copper together... soon to be cushions!

:: screen printing lots of custom orders for  lovely customers... Love!
I am loving fuchsia at the moment... just can't stop screen printing with it!

Hope you are have a lovely creative week :)

Check out what others have been up to here at "Made by Hand".


  1. Looks fabulous - the fuchsia is great!

  2. oooooh thats lush! Love the pink.

  3. Loving the screen printing - the colour choices are amazeballs xxx

  4. Hey you, nice to see you back here :-)

  5. I do love fushia. It's one of my favourite colours. x

  6. The fushia spots are a perfect combination of colour and shape! Who doesn't love pink spots?! Thanks for joining in. Love seeing what everyone else is up to. So inspiring. :)

  7. I look forward to seeing you tonight at the ABCD meetup. Great post.!


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