made by hand: my rope vessel obsession

Last weekend I attended a little rope vessel making and decorating workshop by the super lovely Gemma Patford at Koskela. Gemma was so generous with her knowledge and gave us loads of tips and tricks! It was so lovely to sit around and have a little chat while crafting! SO much fun!!

:: before craft attack... so inviting!!!

:: crafting attack in progress... that's me in the black and white spots
with a cool Koskela apron on :)

:: my "Gemma Patford" inspired little painted and gold embroidered rope vessel

I think I may have a new obsession! I couldn't wait to get home and have a go myself! I had my fingers crossed that my sewing machine was up for the job! Phew lucky it was!

:: rope vessel No.1 -attempting my first rope basket...
a little tricky at first but easy when you know how!

:: rope vessel No.1-  so happy with my first little attempt! It's now being used by
my little man to house his found coins in!

:: rope vessel No. 2 - painting rope with watercolour

:: rope vessel No. 2 -  completed - I just love it!

: I bought 100 metres of rope... Yikes!!!

:: rope vessel No. 3 -  painting newly bought rope with bronze paint
...totally experimenting
:: rope vessel No. 3 - sewing... sewing... sewing!

:: rope vessel No. 3 - 15 metres of rope later...
I am so thrilled with my new rope basket!

I have a feeling there will be quite a few rope vessels being made around here! LOVE it! :)

Hope you had a wonderful and creative week!

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  1. Awesome. I bought my sis in law a similar thing for her bday from Clare at Zillpa (Steph mentioned on her blog). They're so lovely. Really like your bronze one :)

  2. It's so lovely! I like watercolor one :) but I'm mad about watercolor.

  3. Wow these are lovely, just popping over from Christina's made by hand post.

  4. The texture of the rope looks really beautiful, I imagine it's a lovely tactile experience working with it. I like the random colour effect that the prepainting gives. They'd be so versatile too from a 'practical use' point of view.

  5. Love how you've coloured the rope - so gorgeous!

  6. So loving all of these Lamina and feeling so inspired! These would make fantastic Christmas gifts wouldn't they? I love your bronze one the most. It's very 'you' and so beautiful. :)

  7. I am really loving the rope vessels I have seen of late and adore your spin of painting them. May I ask what size rope you have used? I am wanting to try making a rug for the kids to sit on using this same technique.
    Thanks x

  8. Wow, all of your rope vessels look fantastic. I'd have to say the bronze painted one is my fav.


  9. Your rope vessels are great. I enjoyed watching their progress on Instagram :)

  10. I would love to know what size sashing cord you are using and where online you "accidently" purchesed your 100m? I would like to make a headstart on some Christmas gifts for the end of the year and am finding it quite expensive at my local hardware store. Thank you

  11. Well, that looks like fun! I like the softness of the watercolors, but I especially love the bronze-painted version!

  12. wow these are great. I hadn't realised that was what your little boy had his coins in - have only just seen these now. nice one! Doris

  13. Thanks for sharing this. Nice job on the basket you did on your own.


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