my creative space: screen printing and making

There are some new little babies around here! I have a new little niece and a dear friend had a little boy! So I have been doing a bit of screen printing and making! Too much fun!

For my gorgeous new little niece I screen printed a seedlings onsie and a fuchsia cats onsie! You forget how small they are in the beginning! So adorable!

:: blocking off what I don't need on the stencil for the screen print

:: a very cute little "Seedlings" onsie

:: "Fuchsia cats" onsie
For my friends sweet little boy I screen printed a "Paper Planes" onsie and I had to make him a funny little Mr Sock Monkey!
:: "Paper Plane" onsie
:: funny Mr Sock Monkey

I am so happy to have some little people to make for again... love it!

Hope you have had a wonderful creative week... check out what other creative people have been up to at my creative space!


  1. oh i love !!! ♥

  2. Such awesome baby gifts! Clever you! And welcome to those new little ones. Other peoples babies are nearly as lovely as your own. :)

  3. What lovely gifts, and congratulations on the new bundles of family and friends

  4. Some day screen printing is one of the things I want to do. I get so overwhelmed with my hobbies I really hope it is a happening, lol...

  5. Such fun gifts! It's been a while since I last needed to make such tiny gifts. :)

  6. Wow, that's so true, you do forget how little they are! Your designs look cool on those little suits. x

  7. Sweet Lamina! Thank you so much for that wonderful comment that you left on my blog yesterday. I have been a little off and on with blogging these days, but hopefully now, after graduation I am a little bit more on :) It's wonderful to be here again!


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