my creative space: gocco workshop

On the weekend, I got to take part in a fun Gocco workshop with my fellow blogging and creative friend, Jo from Bubala  at Sweets Workshop which was run by the lovely Emma and John! I was SO excited to learn all about Gocco and OMG it didn't disappoint... it was so much fun! I can totally understand why people go a bit nutso and slightly crazy over Gocco! LOVE it!

I had SO much fun... I just love learning new fun things! Here is my day in pictures :)

:: preparing my "kitty luvs bear" illustration
- I decided to not include kitty's tail... it looked a bit weird :)

:: burning colour no.1 on the screen, using the RISO Gocco machine... very exciting!

:: The cracked yellow bulbs look so gorgeous after being used :)

:: colour no.1 in process and drying on the rack

:: mixing up the grey for colour no.2

:: getting some great instruction from John

:: colour no.2 in progress and drying on the rack
- so exciting :)

:: I printed some plain ones on watercolour paper
- I'm planning to paint some watercolour on these ones

:: finished "kitty luvs bear" on different papers

:: Love them!

I am so thrilled with how they turned out! Emma and John were so lovely and helpful, such a great little workshop!  Sweets Workshop will be having a Gocco exhibition on the 23rd March and "kitty luvs bear" will be in it! I'm so excited!

Hope you have had a wonderful creative week... check out what other creative people have been up to at my creative space!


  1. I love them !!! They are very cute

  2. Ahhh! Now you have the bug too. Sweet little prints and you had a brilliant time ... uhoh! ; )

  3. Wow that does look like fun! Very cute prints, I love how you have captured your knitting in print!

  4. It's a very interesting process, and of course kitty and bear are the perfect models :)

    Looking forward to seeing the exhibition!

  5. Oh wow, I actually checked out this post because I didn't know what gocco is. Looks very addictive to me...

  6. I'm so jealous, it looks like so much fun! I've always wanted to try Gocco, but given the expense, it just hasn't happened yet. So wonderful that you got to play with it!

  7. AW! Sooo cute, Lamina! What an exciting new technique. I've never heard about this before now. I see Kitty and Bear in a series of things. They are so sweet!


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