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I feel extremely lucky to have been asked by Etsy Australia to partake in their Professional Photography Workshop with the very talented Heidi Adnum on the weekend at The School.

Along with some other lovely creatives, we were guinea pigs to see if professional photography would help increase traffic and sales to our Etsy shops. I have been desperately wanting to improve my product photos for ages and I was so excited when this wonderful opportunity came up!

We had an amazing day, first Heidi went though some camera and lighting basics and then we got stuck into setting up our photography shots with lots of help from Heidi!

:: making things look pretty is a messy business!

It was such a fun, interesting and inspiring day but REALLY hard work too! I learnt so much... loved it! So here is the before photos of my Etsy shop:

:: do a bit etsy - before

This is what my Etsy shop looks like now...

:: do a bit etsy - after
And I also used a chalkboard background too, which I love too!

It's amazing what a bit of professional photography can do! I am SO happy with how my shop looks now!!! And the new photos have definitely helped with the increase in traffic to my shop! It makes me realise how important it is to have good professional photos!

It was such a wonderful opportunity and experience! I really hope Etsy Australia decide to do some more professional photography workshops, I would definitely go again!

Hope you have had a wonderful creative week... check out what other creative people have been up to at my creative space!


  1. Such a difference the backdrop and lighting can make.
    The potplant is a nice addition to the photos too.

  2. wow! looks great. can you re-produce the environment at home?
    worth the effort :)

  3. It's interesting to see the 'before workshop' and 'after workshop' side-by-side. The new backdrops create a really nice cohesive look. And congratulations on being chosen to be offered a place at the workshop in the first place!

  4. Such a big difference! I really struggle with photographing my creations...these look fantastic though x

  5. Lucky you - and wow, what a difference the fotos make. I would like to join such a workshop too.

  6. Wow! I totally agree! They look amazing :) Kx

  7. It was an amazing day and so worthwhile! Your shiny new photos look great! I couldn't believe the difference it made to my products too!

  8. Very nice! Glad to hear it's been successful too!

  9. Thanks everyoe for your lovely comments xxx

  10. Wow, the difference in the photos is really amazing!


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