my creative space: mr bunny

My dear little man wanted me to make him a little softie, a new friend for Kitty and Bear... I just couldn't refuse!! I got out my favourite knitted softie pattern from here (I have enlarged it slightly).

He decided that he wanted a bunny and got very excited when I pulled out all my wool! He chose orange and green.. the bunny had to be orange with a green body! I was also under strict orders not to do any knitting when he wasn't around, as he wanted to see Mr Bunny being made! So sweet! So there was no knitting at night in front of the TV for me!

He loved watching the process and was very excited when I was knitting the different bits, especially the arms and legs!

I love Mr Bunny, he turned out really cute, even if he does look like he's eaten way to many carrots! Too funny I think!

And of course Mr Bunny needed a pet carrot, so I crocheted (pattern here) this funny little guy!

It's such a wonderful feeling to be able to make something for my little man that he totally LOVES! It makes me a very happy and proud mum!

Hope your week has been a creative one... Check out lots of creative people here!


  1. The bunny is so cute. It's lovely that your little guy wants you to make his toys and loves watching the process.

  2. Brilliant!! you will have to teach him how to knit!! - maybe the old cotton reel type to begin with :-) Doris

  3. I love that he wanted to witness the making. It's always nice to have a fan right by your side!


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