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This week I have been working on a new screen printing design. It has been whirling around my head for a while now, so I am glad it is finally out into the world!

I am a little obsessed with patterns (thank you pinterest) and always looking for the pattern in things... anywhere... everywhere! I came up with the idea of using morse code in a design/pattern... I decided to use the word "Love" and translated it into morse code... I though it would look really interesting as a pattern! So I got to and created the design in Illustrator, printed it out and then cut out the stencil!

Hmmm...yes... the stencil... it was a little tricky cutting out all those dots and dashes! I stuffed it up the first time on the last row that I was cutting out...grrrr and then stuffed it up again on the second time cutting it out... arghhh! I finally got it right the third time! Phew.. I am now an expert at cutting small dots and dashes! I tell you what... I had a quite a sore finger from all that cutting, but it was worth it!

:: cutting the stencil.... third time lucky!!

I was pretty happy to finally get to screen print this design! I love it and made a cushion and a tote bag to pop in my little etsy shop :)

love morse code cushion
:: love in morse code - sea blue

Love morse code tote
:: love in morse code - sea blue

I love that it's a little secret message on a cushion and a tote :)

Hope you are having a great... stuff up free, creative week!
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  1. This looks fab Lamina. And I've got to say that you are a crazy woman to have the patience to cut all of those bits out!! There's no way I could do that, and I'm not surprised you had sore fingers! x

  2. Wow, you do cut a mean circle! I would have just gone with the hole punch. Love your love morse code idea, very cool and it turned out just lovely too.

  3. Wow. what a fantastic print!

    I was thinking, whether it is possible to use a "belt hole maker" (sorry, I just don't know the right word, but I hope you get the meaning) to make the small dots.
    I am really like your prints. I would love to try it out myself some day.

  4. That looks wonderful, love the sea blue. Cushion is lovely. I can't believe your patience, amazing!!:)

  5. brilliant idea!! maybe you could take orders through your etsy shop for personalised messages :-) Doris

  6. Great idea! I did something similar in one of my sketchbook projects, spelling out a secret in Morse code. Clever idea for cushions!

  7. Love this concept - looks especially great on the bag!
    Ronnie xo


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