some lovely things made

Life has been very busy and not much time for blogging to be honest! It seems very quiet out there in blog land... don't you think?  I suppose everyone is busy with life too! I have a few things to catch up on here on my little blog...

A while ago I was involved in Handprinted: a fabric swap II and a few of my swap partners have made some lovely things out of the fat quarters I sent them...

Diana from Bimba made a gorgeous cushion and a little koala out of my fuchsia poppies fat quarter!

:: image source - bimba

Cassie from elegantitus used my "grey cats fuchsia" screen print in a lovely quilt. It looks so cosy!

:: image source - elegantitus

It's so lovely to see where my little fabric swap fat quarters have ended up... I love seeing them being used and loved! That makes me happy :)

Hope you are having a great Monday!


  1. How lovely to see your designs used in such gorgeous ways Lamina!
    And re the blogging I feel the same - life's getting in the way at the moment ;-)

  2. That must be proud moment to see your gorgeous fabrics made into fabulous products - particularly like the quilt, great colours:)

  3. How wonderful to see your fabrics made up into real life pieces! Just fabulous :) Kx
    p.s. I agree - blogland has been very quiet for a while now. I think the immediacy of facebook and instagram etc have taken over, but I still love being able to read the full story behind things :)

  4. It must be so nice to see your lovely printed fabric being turned into lots of awesome crafty things! I think it is a bit quiet in blogland at the moment- I find that all the big things in life seem to happen all at once and I don't end up posting much at all!

    And a big thank you for being our shop's first official customer! Yay! Your knitting pattern is on its way! :D

    xoxo Lauren

    1. My pleasure re: being your first customer... I can't wait for that bunny slipper pattern to arrive! :)

  5. loving the fabric! so beautiful!!

  6. Thanks for you lovely comments everyone xxx

  7. thanks for visiting my blog, i have really enjoyed reading yours and have subscribed. I love your poppy fabric and wondered if you have any left you can sell me for a project? Regards Rochelle (rockmelon: recycled, remnants & vintage)

  8. Your fuchsia fabric really lends itself to being a gorgeous cushion!
    Ronnie xo


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