I love love love Instagram...

I have finally joined the world of Instagam... Hooray! I have been sitting around waiting for my old phone (no android) contract to end.... I had two months left to go... it was total torture... I wanted Instagram sooooo much! I couldn't wait any longer so I decided (and my partner who got sick of me talking about it endlessly!) to pay out the remaining contract and get a new phone! Luckily for me they were kind enough to waiver the two months... I was pretty happy and vey glad that I didn't wait for two months for the contract to end!

I am so in love with Instgram! I love the fact it's so easy to use and so instant! I just love seeing what everyone is up too through their images! People are so creative with their instagram photos, don't you think! hmmmm... I'm still in training :)

Are you on Instagram? I'm doabit if you would like to follow :)

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Yes I LOVE Instagram. It can be very inspiring to get the creative juices flowing. Why else would I now have 4 crocheted cats in the house?

  2. I upgraded my phone in the last fortnight too and am Instagramming when I remember I've got it. I am at katiecrackernuts. Say hello.


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