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Gosh is it Thursday already... that week went way too fast! There seems to be quite a bit of knitting and crocheting going on around here lately! I think it's because it is easy to pick up and do at any free moment (5 minutes) in my crazy day! I can get quite obsessed with trying to find those precious minutes! :)

I saw these cute little knitted bunnies on pinterest by Dangercraft and thought I would have a go and knit something similar!

I made up the knitting pattern as I went and knitted the body and ears in one piece. It was really easy and I loved knitting with these pastel colours that I got from my grandma.

knitting bunny
:: little bunny in progress

what's really going on
:: what is really going on when I'm taking photos :)

knitted bunny
:: hello cute little bunny :)

knitted bunny - back
:: little bunny's pom pom bottom

The pom pom bottom helps little bunny stand up by herself! I love how little bunny turned out... so cute! Little bunny is off to the new home, a friend's lovely little girl (a belated birthday present)... hope she likes her new bunny!

I really love making these little knitted toys.. to much fun!!

Hope you are having a great creative week!
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  1. This is exactly why for so long knitting was my main creative outlet! It definitely lends itself to small bit of time. I love your stripy bunny--she's ridiculously sweet.

  2. It's so sweet, colors are great. It would make a great new-baby gift too.

  3. Aww!! So cute! I forgot to link up to creative spaces this week, but I've really got my creative kick back again so maybe next week. Have you considered to open op an Etsy shop and sell your stuffed animals there? I'm thinking about it myself for my paintings...

    1. sorry for that bad spelling sometimes...

    2. ha ha ha I'm a bit rubbish at spelling too :) A little Etsy shop is in the pipeline and development at the moment :)

  4. How adorable! I love how the pom pom helps them stand up. So cute x

  5. Thank you so much Lamina - she adores her bunny. To quote her: "I love my bunny so much!". What a treat for us to have a lovely handmade toy, and so well made, such neat knitting! I could only dream about my scruffy knitting ever being this good.

    1. Thank you Jo! I am so happy she loves little bunny! there is nothing better than little ones enjoying handmade toys I say :)

  6. What a cute little knitted bunny :)

  7. Dangercrafts have some awesome, unique little characters to knit up..must put one on my to-do list soon..I love 'Penelope the empathetic monster' - so cute!
    Thanks so much for linking up with "Pin It? Make It!" this week xx

  8. how cute!!!!
    i found you via "Pin it?Make it!"
    these bunnies are so adorable with the bushy tail and all, it makes me want to finally get into knitting!

  9. aww, so cute! beautiful colours and the pom-pom just adds extra cuteness :)


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