an apron for me :)

Last week I caught up with my lovely, fellow crafty friend Jo from bubala... we had such a great time chatting about all things crafty while watching our little boys play together.. so much fun!

A while ago, I lent Jo a screen printing screen and squeegee, so she could have a go and experiment to see if she would like screen printing which she totally did and loves now... not surprising as it is really addictive! It's so wonderful to have someone to gibber gabber to about screen printing! Love it! Anyway, to my surprise, she made me a gorgeous apron as a thank you! How lucky am I :)

beets apron by Jo - Bubala
:: my little man is much better at modelling than me :)

It is so beautifully made and also has some of her gorgeous screen printed beetroot design on it too!

beets apron by Jo - Bubala
:: beetroot screen printed apron by Jo - bubala

beets apron by Jo - Bubala - detail
:: beetroot apron - love the corner detail

I just love it! I haven't used it yet, I am enjoying looking at it on the back of the chair in the kitchen... but only because I don't want to mess it up... just yet! Don't worry Jo, I will use it! :)

There is more about her beetroot design here... and she has loads of great recipes too!

Hope you are all having a great week so far! xxx


  1. What a gorgeous, thoughtful gift! And so good to see you spreading the fun of screen printing with's definitely addictive!

  2. Beautiful work!
    Now, I fear for word that I'm completely in love with your model. Ü
    He is a handsome boy.

  3. Wow, that's some good crafty karma!

  4. It's gorgeous. And those stitches are so perfect! If that was me... I won't even say where those would be going.

  5. Lovely apron!! Really like the beetroot print =) I have issues too with wearing handmade things for fear of ruining them

  6. Just beautiful! The colour palette is just so yummy!

  7. you're a lucky girl!!! beautiful apron!! very neat sewing too. sharing pays off :)

  8. It's just gorgeous, congrats to Jo on such a fabulous job.

    That model of yours is REALLY hamming it up this time - that's definately a shot for his portfolio ;)


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