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This week, I have been doing lots of other things, getting out and about with my little man, bought a new large screen printing screen with squeegee (so excited), bought some t-shirts to screen print on and I've just been busy doing - I'm not sure what - but the week has flown by! So there hasn't been much time for doing anything crafty... bummer... and I'm really dying to do something soon or I might explode!

Last week, it was my neighbour's little girl's first birthday and so I got out the knitting needles and whipped up a little bunny softie! I couldn't help myself :)

knitting bunny softie
:: knitting little bunny with some pretty colours

The pattern is from petite purl... in the past I have changed it slightly and made it bigger, see here. I knitted this little bunny from memory, mostly, then had to find the instructions when I got to the ears!  I think I cast on a few more stitches for the body than I should have, so little bunny has ended up a little bit chubby and he does look a little cross but still very cute :)

stripey knitted bunny softie
:: a stripey little bunny

stripey knitted bunny softie - back
:: a stripey little bunny with a pom pom tail

My neighbour's little girl loves her new stripey little bunny... I love making these softies for the little ones :)

Hope you are having a great creative week!
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  1. I love the chubby bunny and I love handmade presents for little ones! :)

  2. aww, your bunny is so cute! love the colours! :)

  3. Totally adorable, colours, bunny & execution, i bet this will be one very well loved creation, love Posie

  4. Oh & special mention to the pom pom on the bottom!! Love Posie

  5. Your little bunny is sooo cute!!!

  6. So huggably cute! Colours so soft as well.

    This weekend me & ma boy did some T-shirt transfers (he's designed logos for himself) If he gets serious enough I can see us going down the silk screen path also....

    1. How excellent... a word of warning... screen printing is VERY addictive :)

  7. oh this little bunny is divine. there's just something about rabbits for babies, isn't there?! x


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