my creative space: kitty luvs bear on show

Oh dear.... it's been a few weeks since I've posted... it seems I have been on a little bit of a break :)

A few weeks ago I created my "kitty luvs bear" Gocco print at a Gocco workshop at Sweets Workshop for  the Gocco exhibition at Sweets Workshop!  I also Gocco printed some plain, one colour kitty luvs bear prints, with the intention of painting them with watercolour!

:: one colour Gocco print of "kitty luvs bear"

:: playing and testing out watercolour ideas
I really enjoyed playing with watercolour ideas for my Gocco prints! I printed out kitty luvs bear on plain card so I could have a good old play without wrecking my precious Gocco prints! Once I was happy, I watercoloured the good Gocco prints... holding my breath :)

:: "kitty luvs bear" in watercolour frame and prints packed
I am so happy with how they turned out and was so proud to see my little print hanging up in the Sweets Workshop Gallery!

:: "kitty luvs bear" hanging out with Gocco friends

:: lots of gorgeous Gocco prints

:: Sweets Workshop Gocco window display

:: kitty luvs bear cushions
I also made some "kitty luvs bear" cushions for Sweets Workshop too, using my new screen from my emulsion workshop I did a few week ago! Love it!

It is such a great little exhibition and so many wonderful Gocco prints on show! I am so proud to be apart of it! The exhibition is on until 16th April!

Hope you have had a wonderful creative week... check out what other creative people have been up to at my creative space!


  1. Very cool! I love the way one simple drawing can be reworked in so many different ways. I find myself doing that with my own from time to time and then wondering if everyone else is enjoying it as much as me or wishing I'd move on to a new drawing, ha! In case you're wondering the same, I'm still enjoying yours. ;)

  2. Kitty and bear are so loveable!

  3. Pretty! Love it!


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