my creative space: hand printed fabric swap III

I just love the Hand printed fabric swap III that Leslie Keating from Maze and Vale organises! It's so much fun to participate in! I love designing and screen printing a special design for my fellow swappers!

I had this little "Seedlings" design (thanks to Steph from Bondville for the name x) whirling around my head for a while and scribbled it down in my sketch book.

I then created the "Seedlings" design in Adobe Illustrator and printed it out, so I could cut out the stencil! It was a little bit tricky to cut out all those stem parts! I do rather love cutting stencils! :)

Once the stencil is cut out, I got stuck into screen printing it... I just couldn't wait! There is nothing like seeing your design screen printed for the first time, it always gives me such a thrill! I had so much fun screen printing these fat quarters, two in emerald green ink, on off white linen/cotton...

...and two in charcoal ink, on oatmeal linen/cotton.

They turned out just gorgeous! I was so excited to pack them up and send them off to my swap partners who live in New Zealand, UK and two in the USA! I hope they like them :)

I couldn't help myself... I screen printed some seedlings for me too and I made a cushion! Love it :)

Hope you have had a wonderful creative week... check out what other creative people have been up to at my creative space!


  1. oooohhhhh I love that green print and the cushion. Don't you just love it when your vision comes to fruition?

  2. Yikes! Those stems look tricky! This is a great design and well done to Steph for coming up such a perfect name.

  3. wow that does look like rather intricate work and I can't believe how uniform all those stems are! lovely fabric.. xx

  4. Mine arrived today and I am so HAPPY - I love it! Job well done :) Thank you!!

  5. Love this design and the colors you printed it up in!

  6. has a very orla kiely feel about it that one. very cute.

  7. Love it! I think you must have the patience of a saint cutting out all those stems. (I also like the scribbly, not-so-filled-in version in your original sketch. I guess those lines would take some doing, but it really appealed to me for some reason!)


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