screen personality clean up

Last week I decided that my screen printing screens needed a little bit of TLC (tender loving care). They had quite a lot of ink build up on them, from a lot of screen printing, so I got them dehazed which is a process that cleans all the residue ink out of the screens.

I took some "before" shots of my beloved screens. I think they look quite pretty and ever so slightly abused!  It shows how busy I have been... believe it or not I could still screen print using these screens.

I was a little bit shocked when I went to pick them up after their dehazing. I nearly didn't recognise my little screens "my babies", they were totally cleaned..."naked"... it was like their personality has been taken away! :( I know it's quite silly to feel so attached to my old messy screens... but I can't help it!

Oh well... but I am glad they are nice and clean now... ready to be all messed up again and get a whole new personality :)

Happy sunny Monday!


  1. I love the look of a much used screen. But what fun to have some blank canvases to play with too! :)

  2. Awww I know what you mean! But at least you can enjoy messing up these clean ones and giving them some lovely new (paint splattered) personalities! :)
    xoxo Lauren

  3. Wow, so clean! Once they have more ink on it will feel right again ;-) Btw, glad my beet roots came off!!

  4. It's like their memories have been erased...Ah well, sometimes you have to delete the old data to make way for the new!

    Love to see what they create next!

  5. Oh wow, they are so clean! My screens look even worse so i guess it's time to get them dehazed! It would be great to have some clean screens again!

  6. All ready for your next adventure!!
    Ronnie xo

  7. That is a bit of a shock, isn't it? I'm glad you took photos first. Now on to new impressions!


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