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After sending off the fat quarters of to the other side of the world for  hand printed: a fabric swap II earlier in the week... I had to make something with the fabric that I screen printed for myself! And guess what I made... yep some more pouches!! I think I may have a bit of a problem... I may have to attend Pouches Anonymous :)

:: sewing more pouches

poppies fushia - linen/cotton pouch
:: poppies fuchsia - linen/cotton pouch

grey cats fushia - linen/cotton pouch
:: grey cats fushia - linen/cotton pouch

I love how they truned out... now what will I do with them? :)

Hope you are having a great creative week!
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  1. I know! Have a giveaway for them... and make sure my name comes out of the hat for the kitty cat one thanks!!!

    They really do look great!

    1. ha ha ha that's very funny... I like your thinking :)

  2. I really like how the poppy fabric looks in a pouch!

  3. They look great! I'm just about to order some 5" zippers because I have an urge to make small zippered pockets to have on hand for gifts. I made one zippered pouch a while ago so I know I can handle the zipper part, I just never made more, and now I can't figure out why not?!

  4. Gorgeous design and colour choices!

  5. Lovely little pouches and the poppy fabric is gorgeous!

  6. They turned out gorgeous!!

    LOL@what to do with them, ya.. I do the same every time I make something :/

  7. They are just wonderful! Love them so much :) You could open a shop... or do you want to have a plentifully-stocked present cupboard? Fabulous work :) Kx

  8. They look fab! And there's no such thing as having too many pouches- a girl can never have enough!
    xoxo Lauren

  9. I wanted to suggest you will send a pouch to the first one who comments but then discovered I'm far behind! Maybe you could send a pouch to the 10th one who comments! No, no, wait, to the ninth!!!
    They're super gorgeous!!
    You should seriously consider start selling them along with your fabrics! (I heard there's this platform called Etsy, my mum thinks it might be the future one day...... *wink*)

  10. They look fabulous, sign me up for Pouches Anonymous too, they are definitely very addictive to make!

  11. Your pouches look great! I like them all, but most of all the fushia one!

  12. That kitty one is my favourite! They are all awesome - well done on a fabulous job.

    I share your addiction to pouches. A friend of mine screen prints her fabric as well and I have a stash of her pouches...ssshhh

  13. Thank you all for your lovely comments! It's so wonderful to recieve such great encouragement from all of you amazing creative people! xxx

  14. Well, you know, pouches sort of cover the instant gratification bit (they make up fast), *and* they look so fantastic (like you spent a lot more time on them), *and* they're useful. So they've got it all covered! :)

  15. these are very cool - especially the poppies! I can see how they would be addictive! Doris

  16. far out! i didn't realise you printed the fabrics yourself! awesome (esp. the cool cat one) x


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