I feel very lucky...

Woo hoo... I won a little giveaway from inHomewares over at the lovely Christina Lowry Designs blog the other day! I won $50 voucher to spend at inHomewares!

Oh my gosh... there were so many beautiful products, from gorgeous home wares, lovely soaps and balms... it was so hard to choose! I was pretty excited when the delivery man knocked on my door, with a parcel for me yesterday!
In my parcel:
- 2x SunnyLIFE's Lacquer Bamboo bowls, one blue and one orange - I love bowls
- Margot Napkin - such gorgeous fabric
- Wild Fig & Almond Soap - all I can say is "YUM"

:: lovely things from inHomewares

I feel very lucky! Thank you Nicole (the owner of inHomewares), she was so lovely and looked really after me! She is a mother of four kids and has runs her online business as well! Not sure how she does it but I think she is SO inspiring! You can read more about her in a little interview that Christina did with her, over here.

Check out the lovely products over at inHomewares.

post note:
I turned my back for 1 minute and a certain little man in my house has claimed these gorgeous bowls for his very own.... hmmmm not sure I'm liking this!!! Oh and he had a taste of the soap too...silly sausage :)

:: bowls for cars?

Hope you are having a fabulous Tuesday!


  1. Gorgeous choices! Cohen has also been known to sniff soap and then pop it in his mouth... must just smell too good? And I can so relate. Nothing is 'mine' in this house anymore, from my glasses to my coffee mug, so if it were me I'd be popping those bowls out of reach! :)

    1. ha ha ha... nothing stays mine for every long too :) He was actually hugging the bowls for a while too! I won't be getting them back anytime soon! :)

  2. Congratulations on your win, everything looks lovely, definately need to check out the website. Good luck getting your bowls back ;) And does he think the soap tastes as good as it smells, probably not!

    1. I had left the soap of the table and when I came back from the kitchen, there was a little soapy flake mess and a little boy with a screwed up face saying "Ewwwww YUCK"... quite funny :)

  3. Ruoyu(YangYang's mum)May 22, 2012 at 4:00 PM

    Hi Lamina,long time no see :-).
    Great jobs, it's so sweet! This little man has good taste except the soap :-P. PS: I like those bowls too.

    1. Hi Ruoyu, it has been a while! Hope you guys are happy and well! xxx

  4. Thanks so much for such a lovely & encouraging comment. It was my pleasure & I'm thrilled that you/and your little man are already enjoying the goodies. Totally hear you about nothing is yours anymore, my two little ones are always getting into my things (wallet & handbag big favourites) and now my eldest daughter is getting into my wardrobe! Love the use of the bamboo bowls, haven't seen them used for storing cars before!! Don't blame him for taking a nibble on the fig & wild soap they do smell so good! Poor little boy. Thanks again for the lovely post:) Nx

  5. Fun, congrats! My daughter tasted soap once. I figured she saved me some trouble by teaching herself her own lesson about eating things she isn't supposed to. :)


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