sunshine and cat pouches

It's been a very busy few weeks and I have been trying to get some new items in my etsy shop... not easy when you have a 3 and half year old to entertain and a list of 1,000 other things to do before Christmas... Yikes!

For the last week I have been waiting for the sun to be out at the right time of day to photograph the pouches which is 11am in a corner of my little mans room! Quite tricky when there is always somewhere to be at 11am everyday (playgroups, playgrounds etc.) But I got my chance yesterday... Woo Hoo! I did have to sit and wait for the sun to come out from behind the clouds quite a lot... slightly frustrating!

:: waiting.... waiting... waiting...

How do you do you photo's? Do you have a special place in the house? And has anyone got any good advice on 50mm f/1.8 lens for a Canon camera? I am thinking of buying one! There seems to be a lot of varying prices out there!

So I have some new cat pouches (sit up and flat) in my etsy shop at last... hooray! Thank you Mr sunshine :)

fuchsia cats grey pouch
:: fuchsia cats grey pouch linen and cotton

midnight cats copper pouch
:: midnight cats copper pouch 100% linen

I love having new things in my little etsy shop!

Right onto the next thing on my ginormous "to do" list.... Have a great day! :)


  1. Hello Lamina,
    The pouches are lovely, I like the cats heads:) Success with your ginormous to do list!

  2. Handy travel bag and still printed with kittens, ah, it's all good.

  3. I love my 50mm lense! It was a gift so I didn't do any research for it, and I'm a real amateur with my photos, so sorry - I don't really have any knowledge to share (I click until I like the a real technique). I mainly like taking photos either on my dining table or in my kitchen - the natural light is usually best in my kitchen though. Your pouches are just so cute, and I love that design! I'm so jealous - I have screen-printed anything for absolutely ages...getting itchy fingers. Thanks for the inspiration! xx

    1. Thanks Kelly :) That's my technique at the moment too... clickty click click ha ha ha and I use every setting possible... I think I really need to go and do a proper photography course!

  4. Good job! In the last house, my kids' room was often the best spot in the house for natural light. Right now, in the new house, I have all my creative-type stuff set up in the front room, and that seems to be a good place for photos so far. I do also use a "natural light" lamp to supplement the lighting as needed, and Photoshop can do wonders in a pinch!

  5. I read this nodding all the way. :-) Chasing the sun around the house is truly an art form in itself - particularly when your favorite spot has to change with the seasons. : )
    A 50mm lens sounds lush, I'd love to know what you decide on. x


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